Why would you be bothered writing a blog?

It’s a good question.  Over the last few years I have become increasingly passionate about learning about health and fitness. This was done initially with regard to improving my own health, but also as time passed, I felt I could help others. In 2009 I decided I wanted to learn more in this field and completed a certificate in exercise and fitness health with Motions Fitness in conjunction with UL. The following year I completed an EQF Level 4 qualification in personal training with Image FT.

As a qualified instructor I have worked with many clients individually and in a group scenario. With my huge interest in team sport and in gaelic football, I have also completed a Phase 1 certificate in strength and conditioning with Kg Elite performance. This has enabled me to draw up S&C plans for individual players and teams based on individual goals.

I have a huge passion for learning about my health and my body. Every spare moment I have is spent learning. This takes the shape of reading books, listening to podcasts, reading articles on the net or studying and recording how my own body responds to various stimuli.

Armed with this information I have garnered over the years, this blog became an inevitable scenario for me to express my views.

I hope to express my views to inform people about how they can feel amazing, regain super health, reduce chances of contracting various illnesses and live longer and stronger lives.

I am not a doctor but I know through experimentation that eating correctly can make a massive, massive positive impact in our lives. I hope to pose some questions and provide some information to help you make better choices in life. Feel free to comment or challenge my views. We can all learn and make our lives better.


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2 responses to “Why would you be bothered writing a blog?

  1. carmella

    a great read Phillip.. anything that encourages mindful eating,, hopefully it will trigger right response when about to pig out,,

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