Become a Better Version of Yourself in January 2015

6 week Body Transformation is back in January 2015 bigger and better than ever!

Are you looking to become a better version of yourself?

Have you let yourself go in the last while and are looking for a route back to better health, a stronger body and a more toned physique?

Have you tried many diets that haven’t worked for you and need a road map which is tailored personally towards you?

Do you want to shed some pounds and give yourself the present of happier, healthier life?

Health scale

The exercise and nutrition plan in the 6 week block might be just the thing to get you back on track again and move you up that health scale.

The transformation is not based on any fad diet or food restriction but on sound principals which promote nourishment whilst also encouraging a holistic approach to the consumption of food in our daily lives. Too many people harbour a constant destructive attitude towards food, agonising over eating certain foods and using food as a reward. This creates a poor psychological relationship with food and can lead to calorie restriction and possibly subsequent binging. On the 6WT, healthy food choices are obviously encouraged but a healthy outlook to nutrition is also an extremely important consideration.

Too many people are constantly on a ‘diet’ and are falling victim to the next diet marketing fad they are fed every day. If you’re getting your dietary advice from the magazine or from the bulletins on the radio it is possibly time to look for an alternative source.

During the 6 weeks there will be two classes per week of exercise. Each Monday and Wednesday there will be a lot of high intensity intervals, resistance training and a mixture of mobility and dynamic work. Emphasis will be put on improving strength, building muscle through the practice of correct form and technique. People are also encouraged to do exercise outside the class or just to continue to be active.

What can you expect after 6 weeks?

It varies and it is somewhat dependant on how much effort you put in! You must commit to changing your habits. You must believe you will be healthy, fit and strong and you must enjoy the process.  If you do this you will see results.

I guarantee super energy, better immunity to sickness, a more positive outlook on life, less body fat and greater strength can be yours.

People must remember though that 6 weeks is a pretty short time period. Many people have experienced super results in this period, losing a lot of body fat and changing their body shape but to realise true health, this should only be a start. Eating well, exercising and having a positive outlook should be something we strive to do for life. It should be consistent and attainable not something that’s done for just 6 weeks.

Heard enough!?

Email me on to reserve your place

The cost for the 6 weeks is 130 euro.

What’s included:

12 exercise classes

Nutrition plan

Ongoing online nutrition advice and assistance

Home exercise plan

3 assessments: before and after photos, skin calliper testing, weight, hip and waist measurements.

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