Focus on what you CAN DO 

You’re sitting on the couch chilling out watching the television after a hectic few days. You’ve not had a great week with exercise and food. Work was very busy and you had to work a bit later than usual. When you got home it was a bit late, you felt quite tired and couldn’t face the effort of going to the gym. To make matters worse, you didn’t do a proper shop at the start of the week and ended up eating any sort of rubbish whilst on the run. 

You’re having a flick through the oul Fakebook. 

A quick scan through your feed tells you your mate John has 10 selfie photos up after completing the Boston marathon whilst wearing a clown costume, he looks wrecked but happy out, ‘fair play John’ you think.

Sarah from down the road has just finished the Ballytowntwomilehouse Ultra triathlon, ‘she is always up to something, good woman Sarah’

Your cousin Maggie has 102 likes on the photo of her standing on the top of a windswept mountain. ‘Oh my God I’d never be fit enough to do that’

As you nibble on the last few crumbs of your biscuit, you feel decidedly inadequate. 

We unfortunately tend to see other peoples achievements and judge ourselves based on them. It can sometimes magnify our own disappointments when we realise that the marathon, the long cycle or the fitness goal that seems so easy to other people is currently out of our reach. (Maybe now but not forever) 

We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves about what we can’t do but instead start focusing on what we can do. 

We are all at different stages in our nutrition and exercise journey. What may seem easy and achievable to one person may be totally impossible for another. We should not set our goals based on what others around us are doing but on where we are at currently. Constantly looking at what others are doing can lead to failure and disappointment. 

Instead of feeling down about our situation compared to others, we need to find something that we can do. Something that is achievable and will make us immediately feel better and set us back on the road.

  • That marathon may be out of the question but a 30 minute walk/run is not (raincoat maybe needed!)
  • Prepare and eat a salad, full of fresh goodness, this will instantly invigorate you.
  • Do a home exercise routine (10 squats, 10 press ups, 10 lunges, 10 jumping jacks, 10 burpees, 10 high knees) Rest and repeat for 20 minutes. Just do it!
  • Dust off the bike and head off on the bike exploring some unchartered territory.
  • Give up fizzy drinks for the week
  • Get to bed early a few nights in a row, just switch off the phone, turn off the television and hit the hay. Aim for 8 hours.

This week, instead of focusing on what you can’t do, concentrate on what you CAN do. When you do it, you will feel great and be ready to tackle the next little challenge that comes your way. 

Stop using other people as a bench mark and focus on being a bit better than you were yesterday! 

Little steps lead to greater things. Just start…



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