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Interval Running Workout

Running Intervals

Running is a great mode of exercise for most people. It is free, requires little equipment and is super for body and mind.

If are new to exercise, just getting outside in the fresh air for a walk or a jog will do you wonders.

For those who have been running for quite a while, maybe it is time to take things up a notch. Over time your body will adapt to a particular training stimulus so it is important that you change the intensity, distance, speed etc.

Interval type running is a great way to get an excellent workout in a short space of time. Short intense bursts have been shown to be effective in increasing metabolic rate thus helping with the fat loss process, improving health markers and increasing fitness levels.

So have a look at the picture provided, pick a new workout and give it a go!

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Special Offer: Bring a Friend Deal


Special offer on the 8 Week Fat Loss Camp until Wed 26th of August.

Grab your friend and pay only 120 each.

120 Euro for The 8 Week Fat Loss Project. 16 classes, on-going assessment, nutrition plans, online support and much, much more. A massive 40 euro saving on the original price. You would be mad to miss this amazing deal.

It can be quite daunting when you are starting a new class on your own. You may really want to go but the fear of the unknown may be a barrier in your way.

No excuse now, get a mate, secure the deal and push each other on to new fitness goals.

Email: to secure your place.

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8 Week Fat Loss Project

You are fed up with not achieving the results you deserve.

You don’t know what to believe and who to trust in the murky world of fitness media.

You want that healthy routine of exercise and nutrition which is sustainable, enjoyable and challenging but most importantly, will produce real world fat loss results.

As part of the 8 Week Fat Loss Project, we are looking for positive, enthusiastic and energetic people to come on board to work together on this shared goal. Your current fitness level or perceived ability to exercise is not a concern, but having the right attitude and a can do approach though is what we are looking for.

Is this for you?

Is losing weight something you would like to achieve right now?

Are you prepared to make some changes in your routine so that you can properly prepare nutritious food and complete an exercise routine a few times a week?

Are you truly interested in learning the knowledge that will help you master your own body weight so that nutrition and exercise becomes a fun and enjoyable part of your life rather than a ball and chain around your neck dragging you down and causing you distress.

Are you willing to identify and tackle some negative, lifestyle habits that you may have and learn how to replace them with constructive ones which will help you achieve your goals rather than sabotage them.

Do you want to be part of a group of hard working, genuine and like minded people who are on a similar path that may be tough in parts but will be thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you answered YES to the above statements, then this course may just be the one you were looking for.

Unfortunately this course is definitely not for everyone.

It is not for you if…

You want to put on weight or get mega big – You might build some muscle on this course and that is a good thing to help you achieve the shape you desire, but the main goal is fat loss and body composition improvement.

You want to do exercise but aren’t bothered with nutrition – The nutrition aspect is key, for improving health and body composition. You cannot out exercise a bad diet.

You drink a lot of alcohol – If drinking a few times a week is a habit you can’t shift, then your priorities lie somewhere else instead of health and fat loss goals.

You can’t put aside a few minutes every day to record, plan and prepare food – People live busy lives. I totally understand this but if you cannot make time to buy healthy food, prepare the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and record what you are eating, then maybe this is not a good time to be doing this project right now.

Ok so you think you’re a good match and want to get involved, here are the finer details.

Location: St Paul’s CBS Hall, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7 (2 minute walk from Smithfield Square)

Map Brunner

When: Monday and Wednesday 7-8 pm

Dates: Monday 31st of August until Wednesday 21st October

Cost: 160 euros

What you get: Nutrition Seminar and individual dietary guidelines, 16 Exercise Classes, Online Forum and a Detailed Assessment Guide to monitor body changes, food intake and overall progress.

I am passionate about providing the best service possible. If you participate and are not happy with the quality of this product I will happily refund the money.

Reserve your spot by emailing

If you need any information, don’t hesitate to call or text me on 0879613012

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8 Station Dumbbell Workout

8 station DB workout

This workout can be done at home or in the gym.

You just need a set of dumbbells. Each circuit only takes 8 minutes to complete so you can have a great workout in 35-40 minutes.

No excuses, just give it a go!

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Habit based Nutrition for Fat Loss


I constructed this info sheet a few weeks back. I posted it on the Facebook page a while back and I figured it would be good that people can have access to view on the website.

It contains some handy, helpful tips that people can apply in their daily lives.

These actionable tasks can help anyone to navigate the nutrition world and make real, simple changes in their lives.

Print this out and put it on your fridge!

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