Eating for health vs Eating to lose weight

Is there a difference between eating for health and eating to lose weight?

If you have been eating junk food on a regular basis, changing your diet to one based predominantly on whole natural foods will be a great move and will more than likely result in weight loss and improved body shape. Hunger should be regulated and overconsumption of hyper palatable calorific foods will be less likely to happen.

This will definitely improve your health and aid your fitness and performance goals.

There still are many people though who seem to eat a whole natural ‘healthy’ diet, consuming plenty of nutritious foods but are struggling to lose weight.

Unfortunately they are simply consuming too many calories. Unless you are eating at a calorie deficit you will not lose weight.

You can eat a diet full of nutritious foods but if you overconsume you will not lose weight.

In the picture below is a small lunchbox of Irish Muesli with some seed mixture. Muesli is a nutritious food especially when mixed with some nuts and seeds and dried fruit.
This lunchbox of food has approximately 700 calories and another 100 when you add in milk. 800 calories.

From MyFitnessPal App
100g of Irish Muesli Lifeforce = 400 calories
1 tablespoon Milled Linseed = 75 calories
80 g grapes = 50 calories
50 g raspberries = 25 calories
Seed mix 25g (pumpkin, sunflower)  = 155 calories

Healthy foods can still be very high in calories.
Nuts and seeds are very healthy and full of nutritious fats but be aware of overconsumption.

An average 65kg lady who is on her feet most of the day and exercises 3 times a week should be eating around 1800 calories to lose weight. This meal would be nearly half their total for the day.

Take home message: Be aware that overconsuming healthy but high calorie foods such as nuts, seeds and muesli can be detrimental to your weight loss goals.

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