PH Fitness Club:

  • Classes Monday and Wednesday 7pm
  • Nutrition seminar and individual dietary guidelines
  • Online forum
  • Detailed assessment guide to monitor body change, food intake and overall progress.
  • Group exercise that is fun, dynamic and interesting
First class is free.
Location: St Paul’s CBS Primary, North Brunswick Street, D7
Cost: 50 euro for 4 week block

Individual Nutrition Plan:  

Are you seeking fat loss, improved body composition and robust health.

We will look at your current habits, diet and lifestyle. We will identify the main problems that are holding you back and create a roadmap based on habits that is practical, sustainable and that will get you results.

  • Analysis of current dietary and lifestyle habits
  • Two face to face meetings: initial meeting to set out plan and follow up meeting to assess progress and provide future guidelines
  • Individualised nutrition plan
  • Assessment guide to monitor progress at home
Location: Your home or St Paul’s CBS Primary

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